Vehicle Tracking

The dispatcher can see the position of all vehicles, plants and sites on the map. Additional information such as construction site address or vehicle status can be directly displayed.

Routes driven can be retroactively tracked.

See who is where.

The current vehicle position for tracking of the route actually driven is determined via GPS and sent to the control centre via GPRS at regular intervals. All strategically important information such as “arrival on site”, “start of unloading”, “departure from site” is automatically generated.

        1. Water addition on construction site
        2. Concrete mixing time and discharge time
        3. Air temperature and concrete temperature
        4. Concrete workability

              Logging on the road: Additional water, mixing time, concrete temperature.

              The data recorded for the transport route is plotted. Data recording starts when loading begins and ends when the vehicle leaves the construction site. Depending on the sensors installed, a variety of data can be recorded in the truck.

              If the remaining water in the mixer truck is not emptied out, it is automatically taken into account for the next production. If a return quantity remains after discharge, the driver has the option of reporting the return quantity. This is likewise taken into account for the next production.

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