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CMS control systems from Simma Electronic can be flexibly dimensioned and therefore also adapted for a wide range of areas of application throughout the construction materials industry.

The aggregate filling and cement filling can be integrated into the controls and operated via the on-screen visualisation

Complex tasks need simple solutions.

The operation of the controls is simple and easy to understand. Maximum investment protection is ensured through the use of the industrial versions of standard PC and PLC components. The controls are programmed using Microsoft.Net and Siemens Step 7. Thanks to the use of global standards such as Profibus and Profinet, all electronic assemblies can be connected.

Investment protection through the use of standardised components.

Our CMS control systems were developed from practical experience. This means that all modules and functions are already in use by our customers and are doing good work there. You can access a wide range of functionalities. Wherever necessary we will implement special customisations for you.

Workability curve for each batch for a vehicle is plotted. This allows early identification of the final workability. The mixer only opens once the workability is within the desired range. All data recorded during production can be shown in detail per batch.

Everything at a glance – be informed if something isn’t right.

The workability curve can be displayed if the power panel is equipped with a power monitoring device. In addition, workability control is also possible. A batch protocol is saved for each batch produced. Each batch protocol contains all the data arising during the production (manually dosed materials are also recorded). The batch protocols are saved in the database and can therefore be viewed and even printed at any time.

Basic functions
  • multi-client capable (e. g. production for multiple companies)
  • convenient full text search
  • access authorisation for users and user groups
  • master data management (customers, sites, products, mix designs, etc.)
  • interfaces to all commercial dispatch, laboratory and invoicing programs
  • simple operation through on-screen visualisations
  • direct integration with all CMS modules
  • up to four monitors possible
  • choose between industrial PC or desktop PC with dust-proof housing
  • Siemens PLC with Profibus or Profinet, connects control with the power unit
Main areas of application
  • Ready mix concrete plants
  • Precast plants
  • Dry batch plants
  • Gravel processing plants
  • Gravel loading plants
  • Dry mortar plants
Plant Control
  • automatic aggregate and water adjustment
  • calibration program for weigher calibration
  • workability curves for each batch of a vehicle
  • manual entry possible in automatic mode
  • workability control via moisture sensor or power measurement
  • mix design-specific control for filling the mixer
  • Mix design and vehicle-dependent control for discharging the mixer
  • workability dependent control for discharging the mixer
  • automatic silo switching
  • automatic concrete production
  • dosing deviations are corrected in the following batch
  • cash sales
  • customer-specific control components can be integrated (hopper, aggregate filling, cement filling, bucket system, etc.)
  • all commercial moisture probes, level indicators, density measurement and temperature sensors can be integrated
Plant optimisation
  • graphic representation of the dosing process
  • cycle time diagram for performance optimisation
  • fault analyses
  • notification on missing concrete tests
  • operating hour meter with maintenance notifications
Remote service
  • assistance in the event of plant malfunctions

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