Cooperation with Unimix

The collaboration with Unimix (Universal Concrete Products Ltd) began at the end of 2016. Unimix was and still is involved in the construction of many prestigious buildings (including the tallest building in the world) in the United Arab Emirates. The project started with the equipping of 10 batching plants. After completing of this project phase, another 4 batching plants were equipped with the Simma-Software.

These 14 batching plants have a total, theoretical capacity of 1.950 m³ per hour!

Gain optimal use of all advantages.

In addition to the batching plants Unimix uses the following modules: dispatch (including order entry and processing), sales, lab and purchase. In order to gain even more advantages of our software, more than 200 vehicles were equipped with our status devices. The conversion was completed in autumn 2017 with a visit to Unimix in the UAE.

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