Cooperation with Kronimus

Kronimus (with locations in Germany and France) is the market leader for concrete blocks and combines function and design with top technical performance. Our collaboration with Kronimus began about 20 years ago. During this time, a trusting business relationship was established and we were directly involved in the modification and expansion of the plant in Iffezheim (DE).

A front attachment with 5 concrete mixers and a core system with 3 mixers was rebuilt - even an existing office building had to make way for a facility of this size.

A state-of-the art ordering system.

11 order terminals were installed directly at the processing stations. After placing the order at these terminals, 2 weighing systems with 60 dosing conveyors each (60 different types of aggregates) will be started in order to dose and transport the aggregate to the concrete mixers. Separate pumping systems pump e.g. color pigments to the mixers.

The entire system works fully automated. Weighing, transport, mixing, consistency control, cleaning etc. happen automatically based on the concrete recipes from the central system. In the end, stackers collect the concrete and deliver this concrete to the processing stations.

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