Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is one of the most important projects in infrastructure - not only for Austria, but for the entire European Union. After completition the BBT will have a total length of 64 km, making it the longest underground railway tunnel in the world.

The “Pfons-Brenner” construction lot H51 is the biggest and at the same time the southernmost stretch of the Brenner Base Tunnel in the Austrian project area.

52 km of tunnel will be excavated.

A consortium around the PORR Bau GmbH is responsible for this construction lot. The concrete supply for this construction lot must meet extremly high requirements. Therefore the consortium chose two Liebherr Betomix 3.0 plants to meet these requirements. These two concrete plants are controlled by Simma control systems - so we are also a part of this important infrastructure project. 

More information about the BBT

More information about the construction lot

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