Another great project in Switzerland!

For more than a decade, we have been working with the Merz Group and since January 2019 almost everything runs automatically at the plant in Gebenstorf. The loading process for materials such as sand, concrete and gravel were automated. The collector registers himself at the terminal (delivered from Simma) at the entrance with a personalized badge. The system recognizes the order and guides the driver to the corresponding collection location.

As soon as the loading is completed, the order is finished automatically and the digital delivery ticket is generated. This delivery ticket then is transferred to the status device (also equipped with Simma-Application) in the vehicle.

Full integration of our software.

After the customer has signed the DT directly on the status device, the status device transmits the signed DT to CMS for invoicing and to the customer too. Our software is involved in all of these steps (offers, orders, vehicle dispatch, control, loading, digital delivery ticket, lab, invoicing etc.). A great project!

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